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#52. Doroteo

#52. Doroteo published on No Comments on #52. Doroteo

Rejected titles: A fruity awakening. A sweet morning. The core of the matter. Puns!

If you like these vignettes, please share them!

Also, if you’re interested in supporting my work financially, I thank you immensely! Please check out my profiles on Ko-Fi, Patreon and Liberapay. Right now I’m trying to get enough money to cover the hosting expenses for and its subdomains (this one and Duso) for one year. If you want you will also be featured in the Supporter list!

Thanks again!

Random Vignettes Season 1.Kra

Random Vignettes Season 1.Kra published on No Comments on Random Vignettes Season 1.Kra

As part of my efforts to promote Free Culture, Creative Commons and Open Access I have made the source file for the first season (#1-50) of my webcomic “Random Vignettes” freely available to download. It is a Krita file.

You can get it from Ko-Fi:

You can get it from Patreon:

Remember that it’s under a CC-BY 4.0 License. (


New webcomic: Duso

New webcomic: Duso published on No Comments on New webcomic: Duso

You can check out the page by clicking here.

I started a new webcomic called Duso, about an orange dog. For now just the cover is up on the website, but it will update every Friday. Next month it will start updating on as well. Please bookmark it and, if you’d like, share it 🙂

Duso is a character that has been doing the rounds in my head for, say, 15 years. Now I’m giving him a story, albeit a wordless one. The process has been weird for it, and I have a very rough idea of what I want to happen, but I’m taking it easy and making it however it feels right at the time.

Hope you enjoy it! Random Vignettes will (or should) keep on updating as usual.

Thanks for reading.

New publication schedule & new comic project

New publication schedule & new comic project published on No Comments on New publication schedule & new comic project

Last week I changed the publication schedule for Random Vignettes from thrice to twice weekly. There’s two reasons for this:

The first one is that I am juggling multiple projects at the same time (as per usual) and this will allow me to build a larger buffer for this comic.

The second one is that I have been working over the past few months on another comic project, a narrative one, about a character I created about… 15 or 17 years ago. I don’t want to say much more at the moment, but I have managed to build a sizeable buffer for it and I am excited for it to come out. It will have its own subdomain within my website, and it will launch there on November 4th, 2022, and in December on It will update every Friday and I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Lastly, I have started work on another cartoon. I am revising my animation pipeline and will try to get the animatic with sound effects done first instead of adding the SFX at the end of production, which worked for my Chupacabras short but I don’t think is the wisest way to go about this. I hope to finish it by the end of the year, hopefully earlier, but we will see.

Thanks for reading this post and for checking out my vignettes. If you like them, please share them. 🙂

Have a good one.

New website

New website published on No Comments on New website

Finally spent a couple of hours creating a subdomain and migrating the comics to a wordpress site. This website will still change a bit in terms of looks, but for now everything seems to be working alright.

Thanks to Michael Sisk for his webcomic plugin.

Will update with any news related to the comic in here. Feels great to have a dedicated blog!

Cheers and thanks for reading.

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