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Hiatus kinda / AMA

Hiatus kinda / AMA published on No Comments on Hiatus kinda / AMA


Long time no speak.

Just so you know, today marks the day Season 2 ends. Wooo!

Would have finished it earlier, but, you know. RSI, work, other multiple projects. Speaking of projects.

Random Vignettes will go on a (hopefully) brief hiatus for the next few weeks. I want to focus on finishing Duso (yes, that’s a story driven comic that will actually end). I’m not entirely sure how many more pages there will be, but we will see!

That being said, two things:

  1. Keep an eye out for when the .pdf for Season 2 comes out (soon! I will let you know through here!)
  2. I am starting an official Ask Me Anything. Leave a comment on this post or on the 100th Vignette or @ me in the Fediverse or write me an email ( I will pick some questions and make sporadic updates here on the website in the form of vignettes answering them. Hopefully I get some questions! If I don’t… I guess I’ll update whenever season 3 starts.

Thanks for reading. Please go read Duso, which should restart updating this week or the next, and if you like my work consider buying me a coffee on my ko-fi page.

Stay safe.

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