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A test

A test published on No Comments on A test

I’m testing out a couple of ad slots on the right hand side bar (bottom of the page if you’re on mobile).

These ads are provided by, a successor to Project Wonderful, and they will be non-invasive and will also be from other webcomics, blogs and other web projects (or so I understand). If you’d like to advertise on this page, please click on the “Your Ad Here” link. I’m trying out their Auto Ad feature but I might switch to manually approving ads depending on how this goes.

This is the only way to do ads I feel comfortable with: Giving back to the community and NOT coming from a giant like Google.

Will see how they play out. If you don’t like ads I fully understand; I don’t either. But this is to support my work and the website, which I’d like to keep going as long as possible, and I like the idea of other webcomics and indie projects being promoted on my site.

If you have enjoyed my work and you’d like to and are able to support me more directly please consider becoming a patron (early Duso pages!) or making a one-off donation on Ko-Fi.

Regardless, your attention is always appreciated. 🙂

On another bit of news, I am starting to crosslink with other webcomics. If you’re interested in crosslinking your comic with mine, write to me at


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