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Some housekeeping

Some housekeeping published on No Comments on Some housekeeping

Four points of order:

  1. Ads. The website gets some traffic, but not quite as much traffic to make the ads super enticing. It has been a test all along, and it has somewhat paid off: Both Duso and this website made $0.22 USD (yes, that means cents) since I put the ads up about two months ago. I spent $0.23 USD on also advertising with ComicAd, so that means in theory my advertising ventures are 1 cent in the red. That’s fine. I think I will let the ads run for another 4 months or so and see how that goes. Thankfully there have been some kind people buying me coffees and if that happens again it sort of renders the whole advertisement thing moot. That takes me to the next point.
  2. Transparency. If you give me money for these projects I will tell you what I do with it. Seems only fair. So far these cartoons have made $72CAD (minus fees) and $0.22USD. What have I done with that money? Nothing yet. It costs me around $240CAD to run the websites, but I will potentially be spending a bit less on hosting in the near future. Point is, I will wait until that amount can cover the cost of running the websites before touching it.
  3. RSI. It hurts. It’s awful. It makes me feel useless. I have so many things I want to do and so little physical ability to do it. It is not even as bad as it could be; I can still function somewhat. I’m getting better, but in the next month or so (in the next 3 weeks really) I’ll be starting a 3 month animation contract, which is a good thing because being unemployed is stressful, but bad because that means I will have less time and physical ability to devote to my cartoons. This again takes me to the next point.
  4. Updates. Starting in 2 weeks (for RV) and a month (for Duso) the update schedule might become a bit wonky. I’ll keep drawing to the best of my ability and try to put out at least an update a week on both websites, while also trying to build up a new buffer, but I can’t promise anything. Only that I’ll update as much as I can because I love these projects and they make me happy.

Thanks for reading! See you soon.

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