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#100. Taco Tragedy

#100. Taco Tragedy published on No Comments on #100. Taco Tragedy

Eating tacos is an art, a skill, and often surprisingly tricky.

Hey! Guess what? This is the end of Season 2. Later than I thought but the slower schedule has helped with my RSI. Random Vignettes will be back… at some point. Will be focusing on Duso for the next while; read the post below for for info 🙂 Thank you for reading my work.

Also: Seems like I might be unemployed (again) for a couple of months after July. If you have enjoyed these Vignettes please consider supporting my work on Ko-Fi, whether with a one-time donation, a monthly subscription or by buying the .pdfs (season 2 .pdf will be uploaded at some point in the coming weeks, along with the .kra file). All support is appreciated and allows there to be more cartoons for you!

Thank you again for reading and sharing and supporting my work. See you on the Duso website and here, again, soon!

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