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#55. ITTWUPWWY #1. Keys

#55. ITTWUPWWY #1. Keys published on No Comments on #55. ITTWUPWWY #1. Keys

Too often, when someone is mean to us (knowingly or unknowingly) or makes our life harder in some way, we tend to wish them the worst of fates.

But maybe that’s too harsh. On the one hand the universe won’t listen to big asks. On the other hand whatever happens to someone who wronged you also affects their families, and they never did anything to you.

So instead of wishing them the worst of fates, wish to make their day more inconvenient and annoying.

If you can’t think of anything specific, boy, do I have ideas.



Presenting Inconvenient things to wish upon people who wrong you. (or ITTWUPWWY, or eetoopooey).

This will be a series of vignettes designed to help you curse anyone who’s wronged you without actually wishing them death or the loss of a limb, because honestly, that’s too much. And in anger we can say or wish things we may regret, so why not just wish for their day to be just a bit shittier than normal? That’ll learn them. Maybe.

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