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#91. In the way

#91. In the way published on No Comments on #91. In the way

If only they could go elsewhere!! A weird mixture of housing injustice and motordom. Also a dash of spatial unawareness?

As you may have noticed, this Vignette came out on a Wednesday. I ran out of buffer and will be updating at least once a week from now on. Dunno if I’ll have another vignette ready this week, but I promise there will be one on the next! Thanks for reading these cartoons.

If you like them, you can share them with your friends or enemies or frenemies, and if you really like them (and you are in a position to help) you can either buy me a coffee or get yourself a .pdf with the 1st season in my ko-fi shop, so that you can read them whenever and however. Remember you can also download the source file for that first season for free from that same ko-fi shop. See you next week!

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